The play, A Dolls House

Believe it or not money is a big thing in a couples relationship. One of the themes in the play, A Dolls House, was about money. In the play, money had a lot to do with the breaking of a relationship. The relationship was between Nora and Torvald a married couple. Their was a big thing that had to do with money that I will be discussing later in this essay. On page 5, Torvald is asking the question, What are little people called that are always wasting money? Nora then answers, Spendthrifts. Nora by no means I think was truly a spendthrift.

She was only given enough money by her husband at any given time to get only what she needed. She couldnt go and get what she really wanted. She had to go out and get the necessities a family needed like clothes. Im not saying she didnt want to go out and spend money. Mostly only the men worked in this time period so its not like it was easy to get extra money. Torvald was the man of the family. The man of the family was mostly the sole income of the family. He didnt like wasting or spending money. He really cared about money and invested it in the right ways.

He was so happy when he found out he was getting a promotion for a better job and salary with the bank. That meant a better appearance and a lot more money. He thought everything was going to be perfect. Nora had a secret that whole play that Torvald didnt know about. Nora saved his life by taking him out on a long vacation away from everything so he could clear his mind at a very bad time. She told Torvald the money really came from her Papa. The money really came from a loan she took out from Kogstad that was forged. Krogstad was a former bank employee and long friend of Torvalds.

Torvald was very angry when he first found out of this because he was scared of his appearance, but when Krogstad met a old girl friend of his he didnt worry about the loan. Torvald then thought him and Nora were saved. Later on Nora was fed up with the relationship and left him. One of the big themes of this play was about money. As you can see money really affected this relationship. It shows that money is a key role in a relationship. Nora and Torvald really didnt have a lot of money to play around with. Nora really suffered a lot of pain having a big secrete about a money issue. That money issue practically ended the relationship.

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